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Foreign partners abroad, program samples and program components



Program components:

Combining the following modules, you can create your individual group program:

Host family stays

Through a host family stay, participants will have the unique experience of getting to know the German culture in person, making new friends and applying their language knowledge and enhancing it.

Choosing only to participate in a host family stay, the duration can very between 1 and 2 weeks.

All host families are picked very diligent by Experiment e. V. and are giving home to participants voluntarily and on the virtue of international exchange. Accommodations by host families will be all over Germany – in cities or rather rural places. A host family may be classified as: a younger or older couple, with or without mature or small children, single father or mother or an individual person.

During their stay with a host family, a volunteer by Experiment e.V. will stand by as a local contact person for the participant. .

Host family stays with school visits

A host family stay in combination with school visits is possible for durations ranging from 1 week to 4 weeks. Participants will be visiting a secondary school Monday through Friday, close to their host family.

Voluntary service

Group-voluntary services can be executed in many different fields. We will try to find, in consultation with the participant, a suitable field (for example in charitable work, educational establishments or ecological projects). During the voluntary service, participants will be placed in group housings. The possibility to combine the voluntary service with a host family does exist.

Roundtrip with sightseeing program

We will provide an individual roundtrip, on demand. The topics of the round trip will vary from visits of touristic and cultural attractions, to workshops discussing many different issues, or even to visits of educational facilities. Throughout the planning process we will elaborate on your individual and private wishes. The accommodation will be in youth hostels or comparable housings. Transfers will be organized by train or bus. Experiment can also provide expertise group leaders.

Language course

Language courses may be selected as the only program component, or booked in combination with other ones. Language courses will be held by either renowned language schools or highly qualified teachers. The accommodation will be in host families, youth hostels or hotels.

Themed summer schools

We also create educational programs with a specific theme. Here you will find some examples

  • Themed summer school “Germany and the European Union” During the summer school the participants will be housed in a hostel in Bonn and Brussels. Besides visiting important EU institutions in Brussel, the participants will see establishments, like the UN, the “Deutsche Welle” a news and radio service and “das Haus der Geschichte” with the German history and many temporary exhibitions. Furthermore will the group participate in relevant workshops and listen to interesting talks by experts. Besides all the educational events, will the group visit during the leisure time the Cologne Cathedral or meet up with “Experimenter” in Bonn.
  • Themed summer school “Renewable energies” in Bonn: During the summer school will all participants be housed in a youth hostel. Besides talks and workshops by experts, will the group explore and visit companies, which are working on renewable energies. Each participant is asked to prepare a presentation on renewable energy for the summer school. Also a meeting with volunteers of Experiment e.V., a Homestay Dinner and a day trip to Cologne are part of the program.


Foreign partners abroad and program samples

USA- Summer Abroad – Summer School and Host family stays for teenagers

Since 2002, in cooperation with the American Experiment in international Living, groups of 15 teenagers had the chance to enjoy a stay during the summer. Those are mostly between 15 and 18 years old and come from a broad variety of places inside the US. The cooperation with Experiment USA is the longest and most historic for us, owing to Donald B. Watt and his founding idea in the summer of 1932, to travel to Germany and France with some American students, to stay with host families.

China- Nature Scouts – Round trip, school visits and host family stays

As of the year 2015, Experiment e.V. has been organizing a three week long summer program for the children of a local Chinese parent’s initiative from Chengdu, to Germany. The association has got members of approximately over 500 families. Their goal is it, to give their children the chance to explore the world through out such journeys. The students are between 13 and 15 years old and are accompanied by German and Chinese group leaders

USA – Road Scholar – Educational programs for seniors

Experiment e.V. has been working with Elderhostel, an American nonprofit organization, since 1983, to create high quality educational programs for people aged 55 and above visiting Germany. The programs provide an intensive insight into German history and culture; current social and political topics are discussed as well. For example, the participants dive into the history of the Cold War in Berlin, get to know the Bundestag, talk to Berliners about reunification and discover cultural monuments such as the Berlin Wall. Or you can learn why Germany has a music history like no other by discovering world-famous concert halls, attending high-class concerts and talking to musicians about their everyday lives.There is also a special offer for grandparents who want to travel with their grandchildren and experience the Black Forest or Berlin.

Each trip is thematically accompanied by experts and organized by group leaders.The majority of participants  come from the USA and all lectures, guided tours and discussions are held in English.

Further information can be found here!

Japan – KEIO University and Language Center of RWTH Aachen – Host family stays for students

Since 2016 Experiment e.V. has been organizing host family stays for participants of the spring university by the Language Center at the RWTH Aachen. The students of the KEIO University got the chance to participate in a five day host family stay in Northrhine-Westphalia, during their language and cultural courses, to connect the studied material with everyday experiences.