My Time in Australia

When people ask me how my time in Australia was, I smile. I smile and open my mouth to say something, but I can't. My time in Australia has been so much more than words could ever explain.

There were so many different things and so many experiences, I can't even list them all by heart.

I think the most important thing when you go abroad is that you have to be open for something new. Because that's the whole point: Move out of your comfort zone, do things and have fun! When you're stuck all the time in your same old routine and never do anything, life passes right under nose without you noticing it. You've got to live the life you've been given, you've got to be present in every moment, suck it up and remember it! And you can only do that, I believe so, when you're somewhere in the world, seeing things, doing stuff!

I think the best place to do that, ever, is in Australia. But of course I think that, I've spent half a year down there! And I can tell you, I love it! Every single thing. How the people are crazy and weird just as I am, how they drive on the other side of the road and how they just don't give a damn about anything that doesn't matter in the very moment. I love how the people, whether you know them or not, are always nice and offering you help. And most of all, I love my family.

Family, that's where you feel home. I started calling my host-parents Mum and Dad almost without realising it. Cuddling on the couch with our little dog Missy calmed me down after a big day and I think my sister Lara and I had the best time! We really became a family with all our heart: We were laughing at the dinner table so much Mum almost choked on her beans, there was some yelling, too, when La and I messed up once, but certainly we were one! We helped each other with homework, cleaning, simply everything. And now the sad part of all that is the missing part. I never ever have been homesick, but since I'm back in Germany, I'm really homesick and I can tell you, it's the worst! Thank God there was the invention of Skype because otherwise I'd really be much worse! I can barely believe my exchange is over, but luckily, one of my friends and also my family is gonna come over at Christmas! I love them to the moon and back and I hope now you can understand what it's all worth for, being one year away from your home country. I hope your exchange is going to be as magnificent as mine was; I really wish I was in your shoes and could do it all over again!


Austauschschülerin in Sydney mit dem Opera House im Hintergrund