How to fall in love with a country - Mexiko

Back in Germany – so weird!
When I left Germany, I was leaving with the thought of returning one year later. And what’s one year? One year seems to be such a long time but now being back in Germany I realize that it wasn’t much time at all!
Thinking about Mexico, provokes some kind of melancholia in me. Thinking back at all those special moments I had there. It was a gift, being a part of that country, that culture, that life!
The moment I left Mexico, was so different than the day I left Germany. When I left Germany, I knew, I would return soon but now I left Mexico without knowing when I will get the chance to return.
Mexico has become my second home!
One of the great advantages about living in a different culture is getting the chance to learn more about your own country and culture. And by knowing about the different ways of life, you can pick the nice things from each culture and the result is a perfect multicultural mix.
Mexico: how should I describe it?
Streets full of people, markets with colorful fruits and vegetables and a lot of unnecessary stuff you can buy there (but surely, there will always be someone who buys that unnecessary stuff!). Really yummy and really spicy food (you will never miss chili in the Mexican kitchen!), wide beaches, blue oceans, amazing sunsets and snow-covered volcanoes. All time crowded public transports, always music everywhere, smiling and laughing people, wonderful kids, friends and family!!
All this is Mexico! Short: It’s indescribable!
During my time in Mexico I learned so much about a new country, a new culture, about new people and about myself! About life!

Thank you PEI and thank you Experiment e.V.! You did a really great job!
Thank you for everything!

“Pies, para que los quiero si tengo alas para volar” – Frida Kahlo