"The biggest decision in my life" - Schüleraustausch in den USA

Everything began with my sister who made the same decision as I did: She wanted to do an foreign exchange student year in the USA. Since she made a lot of good experiences and recommended to be an foreign exchange student to me, I thought about it. Finally I made the biggest decision in my entire life: I wanted to participate in the foreign exchange student program!

Austauschschüler Sheng-Dag vor seiner High School in Texas, USA.

Thanks to the Host Family

Now, I’ve already been 5 months in Texas and I can say that it’s indeed a wonderful experience. And the only reason I can experience all that is because of a single decision my host parents Phyllis and Scotty made before I came. I could have been still waiting for a host family or couldn’t get the opportunity to have that amazing experience. It is only one side to decide and prepare to be an foreign exchange student but it is the other side of this program that a host family decides to let you live with them completely on their costs. I am glad to have such great host parents and I always try to show that I appreciate their huge decision. Whether it is through helping with the daily duties like washing the dishes or helping my mom with cooking.

High School and Food

However, another fact that surprised me is how kind and relaxed the school here in Lindale, Texas is. The way teacher and students speak and work together is way different compared to my high school in Germany. Even though they know how important school is, the teacher always try to give us as much freedom after school as they can. And while they give us homework they try to give all students the opportunity to understand what they’re teaching with tutorials before/ after school.

Speaking about school, friends can be found easily and fast. Everybody is kind and polite to anybody. I made friends mostly because I’m going to church which is another great way to spend time together. But the best for me is the food here. I’ve never eaten Mexican food before I came here and now I can say that I love it. Also, the burgers here are so amazing and delicious.

No Regrets

All in all I don’t regret my decision even a little bit. I am glad that I have host parents like Scotty and Phyllis that do everything to make me happy and have a wonderful experience in Texas. I was very nervous when I took my flight but it vanished when I had my first conversation with my parents. Until today, I had a lot of problems and I felt bad sometimes but my parents were always there to help me out and taught me a lot of life-helping skills and told me a lot . It’s definitely worth it and an experience nobody can describe without being here.

Sheng-Dag verbringt als Stipendiat von Experiment e.V. ein Schuljahr in den USA.